We live in interesting times

In recent days I’ve started hearing the distinctive calls of Eastern Spinebills in the home garden. The onset of ‘wintry’ conditions in late April/May is the stimulus for this wonderful migratory honeyeater to depart from the ranges to pay us a visit in the foothills.

The bird pictured below was visiting the birdbath and managed to stay still momentarily before descending to drink.

Later in the day I came across more spinebills, this time amongst the River Red Gums and Blackberry at the Loddon River Reserve. Eastern Yellow Robins arrived to compete in the ‘fashion stakes’ while in the canopy overhead Olive-backed Orioles were feeding and calling. … might they remain over winter I wonder?

The calls of a Noisy Friarbird on the other side of the river were a nice conclusion to my visit – this species visits in small numbers at different times of year, presumably on passage to more favoured locations.


Eastern Spinebill in the home garden, 9th May 2021


Eastern Spinebill @ the Loddon Reserve






Eastern Yellow Robin


Olive-backed Oriole

4 responses to “We live in interesting times

  1. You take brilliant photos, Geoff and your nature notes are much appreciated.


    Re-retired Greg Hunt

    Sent from my iPad


  2. What an elegant creature is the Eastern Spine bill l And what a confiding creature is the Yellow robin. Thanks Geoff.

  3. Hey, that’s the Eastern Spinebill that was in my garden just last week, here in Hobart – feeding from my fuchsias. Not really, but they are starting to head off, north, now though.

  4. Patricia Prendergast

    Sent from my iPad


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