A vagrant peregrine?

Sighting a Peregrine Falcon always stops me in my tracks.

This bird was observed yesterday in the Muckleford bush, just south of Bell’s Lane Track, surveying its surroundings from a high perch in a dead eucalypt.

This individual, however, looked a little different … the usual full black helmet was lacking and instead this bird was slaty-grey on top with a distinct pale cheek patch.

There are many different subspecies of Peregrine Falcon world-wide and two of these, ssp. calidus and ssp. japonensis are occasionally seen in Australia, more so in the north. Both have pale cheek patches with this bird looking more like calidus … but I’m hardly certain of my identification!

The falcon watched me intently from about 80 metres, buzzed a few times by honeyeaters and defecating in style before taking off to the north.


Peregrine Falcon, south of Bell’s lane Track, 1st May 2021







2 responses to “A vagrant peregrine?

  1. Thanks for raising a smile Geoff! Would the new peregrine falcons from the ledge in the city come up this way at all?

    • Hi Clodagh – they can travel remarkable distances and it is possible that the fledged young might disperse in this direction. Cheers, geoff

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