A covey of quail

In recent years I’ve observed Brown Quail many times along the roadsides of the Moolort Plains.

Most observations are fleeting and while this species will feed in the open the slightest sign of danger will send them scurrying for cover. You have to be patient and fortunate to get a decent look. This covey of 6-7 birds were spotted last weekend, feeding amongst the seeding grasses just north of Joyce’s Creek. The male Brown Quail is slightly richer coloured than the female, both sexes are beautifully marked. The adults are alert at all times and will stand to attention as lookouts while the young birds forage around them.


Brown Quail (adult male), Joyce’s Creek, 17th April 2021




Adult female (left) and juvenile amongst the windmill grass


Brown Quail covey




Juvenile Brown Quail

4 responses to “A covey of quail

  1. Fabulous Photos. I’m wondering how long you had to sit to get these in your sights.

  2. Beautiful birds Geoff – not often seen like this!

  3. Beautiful photos ! Thank you Geoff.

  4. Nicky Kilpatrick

    so lovely to see Geoff, thank you for sharing.

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