An early arrival

Yesterday’s bitter southerly was a taste of winter. I’m not quite ready for it just yet!

It’s not all bad however, as we can look forward to the arrival of a suite of birds from other locales, that choose to spend the cooler seasons in the box-ironbark country.

One of these species is the Flame Robin which typically arrives locally in late April. Yesterday afternoon I spotted a handful of ‘brown birds’ along Mia Mia track and then glimpsed a couple of lovely male birds in their company. I’ve been expecting them, but suspect these individuals are heading further north to the riverine plains.

Watch out in coming weeks for Eastern Spinebill, Swift Parrot and Rose Robin.


Flame Robin (adult male), Mia Mia Track, 11th April 2021




Yellow-faced Honeyeater




Willie Wagtail

3 responses to “An early arrival

  1. Debbie Worland

    Swifties have arrived at Muckleford

  2. Lesley Ann Dalziel

    Hi Geoff, i had the first pair of Scarlet Robins here yesterday, just east of Seymour

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