Watching over me …

Perhaps Australia’s most common nocturnal bird … guaranteed to brighten up your day.


Australian Owlet-nightjar, Rise and Shine Bushland Reserve, 8th March 2021







9 responses to “Watching over me …

  1. What lovely photos of such a cute little owlet! I really enjoy your weekly offering of Natural Newstead. I guess there would not be an Australian bird that you have not photographed… Keep up the good work, Geoff! Jan Dunwoodie

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  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you Geoff.

  3. Lovely shots of this appealing little bird Geoff. Your beautiful photos also show the importance of retaining old trees as this bird and and so many other native creatures rely on tree hollows for their survival.

  4. I once had a baby owlet nightjar on my front verandah. I thought it was injured but when I approached it, it flew away. Being so close to it the sight of its enormous eyes in such a tiny body is memorable. A beautiful little creature.

  5. Heather Freemantle

    Beautiful clear photos. Thank you for sharing such delightful moments.

  6. Annmaree Smerdon

    What a joy!
    The point made by Highwood2 is so on the point. Far too many old trees are felled for H&S reasons and these are by reason, the ones with more hollows so vital for many creatures. Trying to wrangle with the same problem over here in U.K., as yet another tree species is being lost to disease…Ash species.

  7. So cute (unless you are its prey)

  8. That did brighten up my day. Thank you.

  9. superb shots Geoff

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