‘Wetland’ birds in the bush

Not surprisingly the local bush is also home to a suite of birds that are typically associated with wetland environments.

Masked Lapwings can often be found in open country adjacent to the bush over summer, while in most years White-faced Herons and Australasian Grebes are a regular feature of small bushland dams. Interestingly Australasian Grebes have been absent until now from a series of my oft-visited waterholes, despite an abundance of water. I suspect the wet winter and spring meant there were better options elsewhere in the landscape.

Masked Lapwing amongst the New Holland Daisies, 13th February 2021

White-faced Heron


Australasian Grebe


One response to “‘Wetland’ birds in the bush

  1. Love the grebe shots Geoff. They are probably my favourite water bird.

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