Dusk with a heron

Visits to a series small bush dams often form part of my regular visits to the Mia Mia.

It is common for me to see either a White-faced Heron or White-necked Heron on my arrival at these spots, in some cases both species are present. Typically they will depart for a quieter option nearby.

Yesterday afternoon, on South German Track, as I set myself up in search of bush birds I noticed a motionless White-necked Heron observing me from the far side of the dam. It must have been feeding amongst the rushes when I arrived and I suspect the dining was so good that it was prepared to tolerate my presence. After ten minutes or so it resumed hunting, snaring a yabbie at a strike rate of better than 50%.

Then a Wedge-tailed Eagle appeared overhead, perhaps 100 metres up. The heron had been occasionally casting its eyes skyward and it was obvious why. The arrival of the raptor made the heron extremely nervous, to the point that it flew a couple of tight circles over me and then landed close-by to perch in a dead tree overhanging the water. By this stage it had become quite accustomed to me and happily preened for a time before descending again to chase yabbies.

White-necked Heron, South German Track, 7th February 2021







4 responses to “Dusk with a heron

  1. Love the way you have captured the contortions in V and VI. And all in a beautiful light.

  2. Great shots and commentary

  3. Glorious photos. Love the colouring you captured of its neck.
    Thank you Geoff.

  4. like Lyn I loved the shot showing the beautiful neck

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