Learning the trade

It’s been a good season for Sacred Kingfishers and post Xmas I’ve observed a number of juveniles in the local bush.

Sacred Kingfishers tend to be wait and pounce hunters, a technique that I saw this one use a number of times from nearby perches. The dirty bill on the fourth image was the result of a foray to snare a frog (I suspect) from the edge of the dam.

One one occasion though it expertly chased a dragonfly, weaving in a series of sharp turns over the water, in what proved to be an unsuccessful pursuit.

Juvenile Sacred Kingfishers are typically darker-scaled below than the adults with buff-scaling on the forehead and crown – otherwise they look very much like their parents. This species will be with us for a few weeks more before migrating north in mid-autumn.

Sacred kingfisher (juvenile) with dragonfly, South German Track, 6th February 2021



Clean bill

Not so clean bill

Mistletoe backdrop

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