Not to be confused with …

When it comes to aquatic plants, perhaps plants in general, I’m often scrabbling for a correct identification. Birds are much easier, but I’m aware that some folks struggle with LBBs (Little Brown Birds).

At present around the margins of Cairn Curran at Joyce’s Creek some terrific wetland vegetation has emerged, providing ideal habitat for a number of LBBs.

Australian Reed-Warblers are ubiquitous amongst reed and rush-beds, as are Golden-headed Cisticolas (featured earlier in the week).

One such plant enjoyed by these birds is the River Club-rush Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani – hopefully correctly identified!

One of their companions is the wonderful Little Grassbird – a secretive inhabitant of the denser areas of wetland. This species is thought to be resident in the district but is largely silent outside the breeding season.

River Club-rush, Joyce’s Creek, 4th February 2021


Little Grassbird


Australian Reed-Warbler


One response to “Not to be confused with …

  1. Thank you Geoff for a view into the wetland world of the River Club-rush and of the Little Grassbird. It looks to be a pristine world.

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