Frogs on the menu

While this is not exactly the famous kingfisher shot that many nature photographers crave, it might be the best I ever get!

This Sacred Kingfisher has been coming in to a nice perch above a small bush dam on South German Track … a perfect vantage point from which to spy a frog for its nestlings. The images below are in sequence … moments after I took the first shot the kingfisher swallowed the frog and then plunged in after another.

While I’m pretty confident on the bird ID I’d be happy for any suggestions specific to the unlucky amphibian!

Sacred Kingfisher with amphibian prey, South German Track, 2nd January 2020

Another sortie #1

No success this time!

8 responses to “Frogs on the menu

  1. HI Geoff
    Happy New Year! The frog is a Litoria, most likely a Southern Brown Tree Frog, L. ewingii. Brilliant sequence of shots!

  2. Brilliant Kingfisher action shots Geoff. Can I ask what your settings were?

  3. Hi Geoff, looking at eye, toes and backs of legs, my guess is Southern Brown Tree Frog (can’t see pattern on back).

  4. Great work Geoff.

  5. johnalexcarruthers

    Holy Hopping Frogs, Batman (aka @Geoff)!

  6. Great action shots. Well done.

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