Pardalotes in the garden

Both Spotted and Striated Pardalotes can be heard calling as I write this post. They both breed happily in and around the gardens in our street, as well in surrounding bush and farmland.

The Spotted Pardalote typically digs an earthen tunnel – this pair started their nest some weeks ago and both sexes are apparently incubating at present. Striated Pardalotes also use earthen tunnels, however they tend to select vertical faces rather than sloping sites preferred by their spotted ‘cousins’. Striated Pardalotes also regularly use tree hollows for nesting.

Footnote – for a brilliant article about pardalotes (by John Woinarski, Professor (conservation biology), Charles Darwin University) click here.

Spotted Pardalote (male), Wyndham Street Newstead, 18th November 2020



Male at the tunnel entrance, 27th November 2020

Female at the tunnel entrance – same day

One response to “Pardalotes in the garden

  1. Wonderful images. I noticed you mentioned Wyndham St. Is there a public area here where one is likely to see pardalotes here?

    I’ve seen pardalotes at the cemetery. Are there any other pardalote hot-spots? Hoping to visit again soon.

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