Searching for a kingfisher

My search for a Sacred Kingfisher last evening went unrewarded.

There was, however, a nice consolation prize.

On arriving at the pile-fields south of the highway bridge on the Loddon a distinctive shape flew up from beside the stream. A Nankeen Night-heron, disturbed from an early start to an evening of hunting along the river.

Distant views were good, but a careful approach to its perch was rewarded with some excellent close-up shots. This species occurs in small numbers along the river, often roosting in small colonies amongst the River Red-gums. This one is an adult – the distinctive white plume (actually two intertwined feathers) arising from the nape is evident in some of the images below. The facial skin in this individual is pale green – it can become light blue during breeding.

Nankeen Night-heron, Loddon River @ Newstead, 25th September 2020






6 responses to “Searching for a kingfisher

  1. Wonderful to see this beautiful bird. Great pic Geoff! Thank you.

  2. superb shots Geoff – i use to watch these on the banks of the Snowy between Orbost and Marlo – love the subtle colours

  3. Super shots of this fascinating bird!

  4. Hi Geoff,

    Beautiful shots of a bird I’ve yet to see.

    I’ve recently moved to Hobart and have not seen as many birds as I did in Daylesford. Fortunately it’s been the only down side so far.

    Hopefully, we’ll be heading out for more trips once we’re sorted domestically.

    Hope you’re well and thanks for your daily photos. Always inspirational!

    (I attended one of your photo courses and caught up with you in the Rise and Shine too – have since bought a Nikkor 200-500 to replace the Sigma 150-600, it’s heaps better)


    Greenwood Creative

    0408 688 696

  5. I particularly love the front on shot of the heron, Geoff
    So unusual

  6. Thanks for sharing rufous is one of my favourite birds have seen 13 together in 1995 on Barwon River here in Geelong they all have different personalities and a joy to see when catching eels ,so fast .

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