A charm of its own

Back in April 2017 I encountered a Rose Robin (identified as an immature male) at Rotunda Park in Newstead. While I haven’t seen one there since I made a visit yesterday afternoon on a hunch. Over the past fortnight I’ve spent some time with a magnificent male Rose Robin in the Muckleford bush and I thought … maybe I might get lucky at Rotunda Park.

Sure enough a female Rose Robin was soon spotted in the wattles along the drainage line. While I have a very limited data set I suspect this small, migratory robin favours dense, moist gullies during its winter sojourns in the box-ironbark country. Furthermore I have a theory that it is resident in favoured locations during its visits.

The female Rose Robin is not nearly as spectacular as the male, however, it has its own charm as evidenced by the images below. The faint pink wash on the breast was more obvious from certain lighting angles.

Female Rose Robin, Rotunda Park Newstead, 29th August 2020

Male Rose Robin, Muckleford State Forest, 24th August 2020

Distinct pale orbital ring

Small white forehead patch

Pale grey upper parts and relatively long white-sided tail

Faint pink wash on the breast

4 responses to “A charm of its own

  1. oh my goodness – that second photo – the make rose robin — is truly spectacular – and all photos here had a seamless flow, Geoff – – love your work

  2. Another set of photos and information that I can’t delete… thanks for the female details. Let us know if you locate a nest please. It will be a thrill if we can see some fledglings..never been able to locate a Rose Robin nest, only red robins.

  3. The male is still around too
    It was singing yesterday

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