A late winter treat

What a delight to be able to photograph a Rose Robin in the local bush …especially a spectacular male.

Rose Robins are regular migrants to the box-ironbark country, arriving in small numbers from late autumn and departing for their breeding grounds in the tall, wet forests to our south by late winter. They are not at all common locally – over the years I’ve only seen a handful. This male was found in a damp gully with Yellow Box and flowering Golden Wattle to the north of Bell’s Lane Track. As I observed the bird the calls of Flame Robins (also heading south), Scarlet Robins and even a Red-capped Robin provided the accompanying soundscape.

Male Rose Robin, Muckleford State Forest, 20th August 2020








Many thanks to Nevil Amos for the tip-off.

14 responses to “A late winter treat

  1. Seeing your wonderful photographs of the Rose Robin is a cheering start to another grey day of stage 4 lockdown, Geoff.

  2. What a beautiful sight thankyou

  3. Erica Jane Higgins

    What a lucky thing! A thing of beauty is joy forever!

  4. Stunning! thank you

  5. Superb photos of a delightful bird!

  6. The next best thing to seeing it for oneself. Thanks Geoff. Wonderful images.

  7. A rare treat, thankyou

  8. Glorious pic Geoff. A real pick me up !

  9. OMG. Look at this beauty Jen & Mark. Looks like the bird has rubbed its chest in rouge or hot pink powder. I don’t think I’ve seen one so bright.

    Dave went to op shop at Lansell yesterday and came home with 15, 1980-1994 Aus Geo’s. He got them for 40c each and they were in perfect condition. Shit! I’m not going to be able to cook dinner for the next year now because I’ll be busy reading. Nyuk, nuyk, nyuk……


  10. John Carruthers

    Exquisite, Geoff.

  11. Beautiful photos Geoff. We are seeing the Rose robin at Wangarabell now.

  12. Loved the robin pics thank you

  13. Stunning pictures of these birds!

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