Sign of the times

My first Eastern Spinebill of the autumn – at Rotunda Park on Good Friday.

An adult male, it was hanging around some of the flowering Rock Correa along the Mia Mia Creek. Most years immature individuals arrive first so I was a little surprised to see this handsome male.

Eastern Spinebill (adult male), Rotunda Park Newstead, 10th April 2020



6 responses to “Sign of the times

  1. Hi Geoff. There was a beautiful male Eastern Spinebill on the correa outside my bedroom window a couple of days ago having a fabulous feast.
    I also found a bunch of sawfly lavae this morning on my walk in Campbells Creek.

  2. Fine shots of one of my favourite birds Geoff. I’m starting to see the odd one in Royal Park in the last couple of weeks.

  3. Great pics Geoff. So pleased to have these little birds back in our garden. So beautiful .

  4. Opening your email each morning and see your fabulous bird photos is now a highlight in the day. Thanks Geoff.

  5. Alison Lansley

    The Sean Connery of Australia’s bird life!

  6. John Carruthers

    What a handsome bird, Geoff!

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