Firetail Friday

Diamond Firetails have been starring recently on the blog. These striking little woodland birds seem to be going well at a number of local sites.

At this time of year they move out into open areas where native grasses are seeding. This little group of firetails were enjoying wallaby grass seeds in the grounds of the Newstead Cemetery.

Diamond Firetail, Newstead Cemetery, 27th March 2020





6 responses to “Firetail Friday

  1. kristinmundaygmailcom

    These shots take my breath away. This is my favourite small bird and sadly was rapidly disappearing from the area near our Tungkillo farm
    Thank you so much!!

  2. Hi Geoff,
    Your posts continue to provide inspiration, especially as the bird count here in Hobart seems to be really low compared to Daylesford/Newstead.
    I’ve yet to see one of these birds and now that I’m not there currently, the chances lessen.
    Once life returns to normal I can hopefully get out and hunt down a Beautiful Firetail instead. Hope your well!

  3. John Carruthers

    What an incredibly pretty bird. Thanks Geoff.

  4. Erica Jane Higgins

    Hoping they’ll show up south of the Newstead border and back again in Yandoit!

  5. Newstead must be some place. One day we see mites on an ant, next day a wedgie. And then the gorgeous DFs. Great stuff Geoff and Patrick – where would we be without you. Scarcely time to contemplate the virus.

  6. Gorgeous photos of cute little birds.

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