Meet the new generation

Rainbow Bee-eaters have been moving into the forest over the past couple of weeks, leaving their breeding grounds as small, mixed flocks of adults and recently fledged juvenile birds.

I enjoyed a delightful interlude last evening along South German Track, where some youngsters gathered around me as they searched for insects and perched cooperatively on low shrubs. The next few weeks will be spent in the forest before they depart to northern climes – generally all have departed by mid March.

Immature Rainbow Bee-eaters lack the dark gorget (or bib) on the throat and while not as strikingly coloured as the adults are still very beautiful birds.

Rainbow Bee-eater (immature), South German Track, 12th February 2020




3 responses to “Meet the new generation

  1. Stunning photos of a beautiful bird Geoff

  2. I just love picture Number 2. It brightened up my day. Literally took my breath away.

  3. The juvenile RBE’s are a very pretty bird and I wouldn’t mind if the adopted that coloration all year round, sub-dividing into two species??

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