Welcome rain … again!

Following last evening’s thunderstorm (8mm) I’m keen to get out to the Rise and Shine over the weekend to see what effect it might have had on the birds.

Here is a selection from about a week ago, captured around one of the temporary pools at the “Shine”. A party of Varied Sittellas was the highlight.

Peaceful Dove, Rise and Shine, 27th January 2020

Varied Sittella



Varied Sittellas … two up!

Willie Wagtail

White-plumed Honeyeater

Yellow-tufted Honeyeater

Yellow-plumed Honeyeater … or is it?

This last image has me a little baffled … could it be a hybrid Fuscous x Yellow-plumed Honeyeater?

8 responses to “Welcome rain … again!

  1. Nice shots as usual. I reckon your last bird is a Fuscous HE due to the lower location of the plume, the dark eye ring and the darker breast plumage.

  2. Some lovely little woodland birds.

    I like them so much better than water birds.

  3. Hi Geoff, re your “could this be a hybrid Yellow-plumed x Fuscous HE?” I have the same conundrum. I reckon the immature Fuscous (with yellow on gape) have the feint striations on the breast and might be confused with Yellow-plumeds. I have not yet seen a Yellow-plumed at Rise andShine.

  4. A goodly selection this week! I like the upside down pair!

  5. Regarding the last image Geoff, I’m inclined to agree as YP HE X Fuscous HE

  6. You could put it on ABID

  7. Beautiful

  8. Natasha Mullings

    Could you please send Natural Newstead to my new email address…. mullingsnatasha60@gmail.com Thanks Natasha

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