A babbler in a buloke

Buloke Allocasuarina luehmannii is recognised as a tree of the plains country to our west. There are, however, a few individuals scattered throughout the Muckleford bush. Perhaps they were once more common – they are slow growers, germinate patchily from seed and the seedlings are readily browsed by macropods and now of course, rabbits!

The sequence captured below would have once been a common sight in our district – a White-browed Babbler in a Buloke.

Sadly, times have changed. White-browed Babblers and their larger relative, the Grey-crowned Babbler, have disappeared entirely from the Moolort Plains. The former are still relatively common in the Muckleford bush and areas south of Newstead, but the coincidence of a babbler in one of its favourite habitat trees is now a rare occurrence.

May times change again for the better …

White-browed Babbler in a Buloke, Mia Mia Track area, 2nd February 2020




3 responses to “A babbler in a buloke

  1. Hi Geoff

    We get a quite a lot of white browed babblers in our garden at Maldon -love them

    Kind Regards

    Stephanie Margetts


    Phone 0412 387391

  2. Lovely photos of White-browed Babblers. Thanks Geoff. I have the joy of seeing a little band of them, frequently in stringybark bush, between Harrow and Edenhope. Geraldine

  3. Hi Geoff. We sometimes have a group of White-browed Babblers in our garden in Welshmans Reef. I love their chatter. Meg

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