Pick on your own size!

The Peregrine Falcon is the world’s fastest bird and one of the most powerful.

Renowned for preying on flying birds of similar size to themselves; such as pigeons, ducks and parrots, they are known to occasionally taking even larger birds.

I was excited yesterday to receive a call from our friends Ken and Liz at Werona. Lucky Ken had witnessed an adult Peregrine strike, then ultimately kill an Australian White Ibis, a bird more than twice its size. Realising that it would be unable to carry such a load I made a dash to Werona in the hope of seeing some action. Sure enough when I arrived the calls of a young Peregrine could be heard in the company of its parents. Over the next hour or so we looked on in awe as the adults made a series of visits to the unlucky ibis to remove flesh for the expectant youngster perched nearby.

Peregrine Falcon, Werona, 2nd February 2020



Not so lucky for the ibis!

The Peregrine on its prey



5 responses to “Pick on your own size!

  1. How many of the waterbird carcases, old and recent, collected by animal protectionists on duck hunting waters were actually killed by predators?

  2. Hi Geoff
    surprised that a Peregrine would take an Ibis – it doesn’t fit their usual prey form – galah, parrot or pigeon!


  3. That’s a wonderful record of our exciting couple of hours watching the Peregrine Falcon on Sunday. Thanks Geoff! Ken & Liz

  4. Fascinating photos and information. I learn so much from you! Many thanks again Geoff !!

  5. Thanks Geoff. That is a great record and keepsake of our exciting couple of hours on Sunday!

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