Under leaden skies

Yesterday morning dark grey clouds rolled in from the north-west and delivered a very welcome 17mm of rain.

Aptly, just before they burst I encountered a pair of Leaden Flycatchers along Golf Links Track. The female was being cryptic and while I failed to capture any images of her, the male was much more cooperative.

Leaden Flycatchers are summer breeding migrants to south-eastern Australia – they tend to favour the wetter forests along the foothills of the divide to our south. Very similar to the Satin Flycatcher, also a summer migrant, adult Leaden Flycatchers can be separated by their lead-grey (rather than glossy-black) plumage, the presence of a horizontal (rather than concave) breast-band, pale grey (rather than blackish) tail and pale edges to the wing feathers. Both flycatchers are known for their marvellous tail-shivering behaviour. The females of both species are also quite similar. Over the years I’ve seen Leaden Flycatchers at this time of year in the Rise and Shine, as well as Yandoit, but never before in the Muckleford bush. I suspect this pair are on their way back north.

Leaden Flycatcher (adult male), Golf Links Track, Muckleford State Forest, 1st February 2020








5 responses to “Under leaden skies

  1. Abbie Heathcote

    Thanks so much Geoff for your photos. Id never heard of the leaden flycatcher. Wonderful!

  2. fabulous shots Geoff. We have a Restless Flycatcher here.

  3. Stephen Routledge

    Stunning clarity Geoff, a delight to read and see at breakfast in our economically driven world. Thanks….

  4. Beautiful photos Geoff. Captures the colours so well.

  5. Patrick Kavanagh

    Great to see and beautiful shots, Geoff.

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