Another flashback

A Red Wattlebird feeding on Red Ironbark in the home garden …New Year’s Day 2020.

Red Wattlebird (adult), Wyndham Street Newstead, 1st January 2020





3 responses to “Another flashback

  1. I have been enjoying every photo posted from Newstead for several years. It is high time I offered heartfelt thanks to the contributors of so much delight. As I write I have much pleasure of constant bird song in my own garden. The grey thrush is singing as I write. My garden is at the foot of Mount Noorat and is largely planted with natives and studded with bird baths. Unfortunately my age limits my ability to continue the birding outings and camp outs once so enjoyed., Thank you, Newstead Birdos. Pam Knight.

  2. Love the last photo with the Wattlebird Yellow-streaked Vest! 🙂

  3. Lovely wattle bird pictures Geoff & and Happy New Year from Adelaide:
    I was observing some similar wattle bird antics in our suburban garden early this morning, with two juveniles hanging upside down and twisting their necks every which way to access some yellow Tacoma blossom. Christine is busy changing the focus of our new garden away from exotics to Indigenous plants but as we have only been here 11 months it will be a long process. Progress is being made. Keep the photos coming. You are an inspiration to us all.
    Harold and Christine Bates-Brownsword

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