Moss, water, wonder.

Moss and a little bit of water go a long way for life and for beauty as well. Frances Cincotta of Newstead’s native plant nursery Newstead Natives recently lent me a tray of germinating seedlings with a thick layer of moss to explore with my macrophotography set-up. The mosses had put up a multitude of spore capsules, which hold water beautifully!


Moss spore capsule #1

The photo above was taken inside with natural light and the window of the room can be seen reflected in the drop.

At 5x macro, truly each drop holds a world.


Moss spore capsule #2 at 5x

These images are made by focus stacking. As the depth of the image in focus is very small at high magnifications, one solution is to take several photos at different focal planes and use software to combine the images. This can result in some artefacts, which can be edited out. In this photo, I’ve left the artefacts in to add to the other-worldly feel’.

Moss flowers and dew

Focus stack with artefacts.

A common wisdom in macrophotography of plants is to avoid flash. However, with a tiny subject and large diffuser for the flash, the results can be quite good.

moss 3x stack 3 v crop

Moss spore capsule and water, focus stack with diffused flash.

Moss 3x stack 2 crop a

And again.

8 responses to “Moss, water, wonder.

  1. kristinmundaygmailcom

    amazing shots! and thank you for the info re stacking. I’d love to hear more about how exactly to do it.

  2. Jan Dunwoodie

    What wonderful photos! Congratulations!

    Jan Dunwoodie ________________________________

  3. Wow – stunning photos of amazing nature. Thanks

  4. Fantastic. What else is in the room?

  5. It’s wonderful to see these crazy things that normally I would step on. I won’t ever go outside again when there is dew on the ground.

  6. Kerrie Jennings

    Truly beautiful and fascinating. Thank you Patrick.

  7. Jan Osmotherly

    Just extraordinary photos! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Henrietta Camilleri

    Beautiful images! Amazing what’s brought to light via macro!!!

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