Down south

The country changes is quite a pronounced way as you head directly south of Newstead. Around Yandoit the vegetation blends from typical box-ironbark species, such as Grey Box and Yellow Gum, to a mix of Messmate, Candlebark and peppermint. This transition coincides with some different landscape features, such as the scoria cone of Yandoit Hill … a great spot to observe raptors like the Brown Falcon featured below.

Yandoit Hill with Mount Franklin beyond, 1st June 2019

Brown Falcon, Yandoit Hills, 1st June 2019




Yandoit Hill with Drooping Sheoak

4 responses to “Down south

  1. Interesting observations on the changing landscape. Fantastic shots of the falcon, Geoff.

  2. Love the shots of the falcon Geoff. Just wondering if it is a Drooping (not Dropping) Sheoak, and yes, Yandoit Hill and Mt Franklin are both pretty special landmarks.

  3. Hi Geoff.. stunning pics as per usual. Just letting you know that the gang gangs are still here in Yandoit. This is the first time that I have seen them still here later than (I think) first week of May. And, first time I have seen several families of them joining up. Lately I have counted up to 16 of them joining up for a short period before then splitting up. They now though spend a lot of time quite high in the eucalyptus – running in a line from my neighbours, through my place down to the tennis courts. Regards

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