Olive thieves

Last autumn the Olive Olea europaea in our front yard was dripping with fat, juicy olives. This year the pickings are much slimmer – just a handful of miniature berries.

Still, plenty enough to attract a hungry flock of Pied Currawongs.

Olives are a ‘controversial’ plant in some quarters. They are a serious environmental weed in some parts of Australia, the Adelaide Hills for example, but have been planted widely throughout central Victoria …  and almost all of us enjoy local olive oil!

I come across the occasional wilding Olive in the local bush.

Pied Currawong, Wyndham Street Newstead, 25th May 2019






5 responses to “Olive thieves

  1. Our olives were being sampled by a flock of silvereyes, leaving small indentations in the fruit

  2. David Griffiths

    Don’t know what they like, olives taste terrible.

  3. Arthur Samuel

    My neighbour has an olive tree in his garden and I counted 20 King Parrots having a feast yesterday. Arthur Samuel

  4. Kerrie Jennings

    Currawong capers indeed! These Currawongs are looking mighty devious and ‘thief’ like. Guilty methinks.

  5. Eastern Rosella eat my olives

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