Flames on the plains

I’ve had a smattering of local reports over recent days of Flame Robins arriving for the cool-season sojourn in the lowlands.

My first sightings were this afternoon on the Moolort Plains, an adult male accompanied by three ‘brown birds’.

Flame Robin, Moolort Plains, 5th May 2019


PS: Four Swift Parrots in Newstead this evening … my first for the season. Please let me know of any local observations.

3 responses to “Flames on the plains

  1. Hey Geoff, I sighted two Swift Parrots near the intersection of Mia Mia Trk and Sth German Trk, yesterday May 6th around 11am. Flying overhead at supersonic speed and calling, in a southerly direction. I recorded the sighting as an incidental sighting on Birdata.

    • Hi Sue – apologies for the slow reply … I haven’t had a chance to get out there since but will hopefully this weekend. Let me know of any other local sightings if you have time.
      Cheers, geoff

  2. Margot Rottem

    I am doing the swift parrot survey in a couple of weeks at Barkers Creek and wondered if you think there is a best time to be looking I c an only do 4 hours Margot. Text 0409 014 533 Thanks

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