Close and distant views

I had an exciting time late on Sunday at the bush dam along South German Track.

A Sacred Kingfisher zoomed in for a drink, followed by a number of Rainbow Bee-eaters – adult and immature birds. Getting close-up views of these amazing birds is a wonderful experience and the thrill never wanes.

Interestingly, as dusk approached I started to hear numerous calls of Yellow-plumed Honeyeaters – a juvenile came in to drink on the far side of the pool to be followed by an adult. Does this mean they have successfully bred locally or are these dry-country individuals on the move?

Then a tiny honeyeater arrived at a perch in the middle of the dam. I was too slow to capture it, but did manage a distant shot as it perched again briefly nearby. I’m pretty sure this was a juvenile Black Honeyeater … a very rare bird in the Newstead district. To cap things off nicely a couple of White-backed Swallows appeared overhead!

Immature Rainbow Bee-eater, South German Track, 24th February 2019

Adult Rainbow Bee-eater – note the black breast-band … and the brick-red iris

Sacred Kingfisher


Juvenile Yellow-plumed Honeyeater


Juvenile Black Honeyeater

Postscript: On reflection I think the Yellow-plumed Honeyeater is a non-breeding adult rather than a juvenile.

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