Well done Ninox

It’s been a tough summer for birds, so any evidence of successful breeding is to be celebrated … especially so when it involves Powerful Owls.

This juvenile is growing fast, but it still has a few months to enjoy with its parents. They’ll start nesting again in the depths of winter – in the meantime a steady diet off rabbits, possums and birds will hopefully see it through to adulthood.

The second image in this set shows clearly why this species is classified as one of the hawk-owls, genus Ninox.

Juvenile Powerful Owl, Baringhup area, 16th February 2019




6 responses to “Well done Ninox

  1. Christine Johnston

    Geoff – is this likely to be the offspring of the same breeding pair that nested near the Loddon?

    • Hi Chris – possible but highly unlikely. There are a few pairs in the district which is great.
      Cheers, geoff

      • Christine Johnston

        that’s fantastic, given the size of their home ranges and the extent of clearing across parts of our region – its amazing to thank that there are a few pairs – does DELWP map their home ranges, or even presence in the landscape? (sorry that may be an unanswerable question!) Chris

  2. Thank you Geoff! So much info in that post and really great images, I can almost see into this chick’s thoughts 🙂

  3. Wow Geoff, that second image is amazing. Their plumage obviously covers so much of their true identity.
    Cracking photo mate, this is one for the science books, for educational purposes. I’m seriously impressed and well educated . . .now!

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