I’m not sure that all apiarists would agree, but the Rainbow Bee-eater is an extraordinary bird. Its colours are something to behold, as is its aerial ability – turning on a pin to snatch a bee (or some other unlucky insect) in mid-flight.

Following breeding, Rainbow Bee-eaters are now beginning to congregate in small mixed flocks of adult and immature birds, prior to a later summer departure to northerly climes. They can often be found at this time of year around water, especially in the vicinity of flowering eucalypts that attract their favourite prey.

Rainbow Bee-eater, Green Gully, 9th February 2019



Wedge-tailed Eagle – one of a pair circling high above

2 responses to “Bee-ware!

  1. Outstanding images of the bee-eaters, Geoff. They are indeed a beautiful looking bird, which is typified in your images.

  2. Breathtaking. Thank you Geoff

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