Dust and rain … but just a drop

What a wonderful response to yesterday’s brilliant story by Patrick Kavanagh.

I was heartened to see the beautiful images of small birds, especially the Speckled Warbler – a shared favourite. While recent weather has been taxing for humans, it is likewise for the birds and to see evidence of their local persistence ‘made my day’.

Yesterday at about 5pm a dramatic dust-storm rolled over Newstead from the north-west, racing ahead of a band of thunderstorms that left a grand total of 2mm in town. Other places in the region fared better … but the drought still grips.

Click on the panoramic image below for a landscape view of yesterday’s storm.

Dust storm over the Moolort Plains, 30th January 2019

8 responses to “Dust and rain … but just a drop

  1. The photo is deadly full screen!

  2. You’ve certainly captured that eerie light that comes with a dust storm, Geoff.

  3. What an unearthly yellow sky. We got 3mm of rain at Mollongghip.

  4. Dear Geoff

    Please allow us to say how wonderful your posts are. We look forward to them and are always rewarded.

    Best wishes

    Charles and Lyndell Green

    Sent from my iPad


  5. We had a vicious dust storm blow through last evening too, but only got half a millimeter in recompense…..

  6. I can smell it and almost taste it even though I haven’t experienced that landscape event in years.

  7. I live in Ottawa. This month we got a record 100cm of snow fall. And cold. But the white landscape has its own magic. My wife and I love the wonders of Oz as well.

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