Happy New Year and 2018 reprised

Best wishes for 2019 to all readers of Natural Newstead. Thank you for the kind comments over the past year. Here is a selection of some of my favourite images – one for each month of 2018.

Southern Boobook, Wyndham Street Newstead, 23rd January 2018

Red-capped Robin (female), Rise and Shine, 18th February 2018

Great Egret @ Cairn Curran, 14th March 2018

Male Flame Robin, Mia Mia Track, 25th April 2018 … first of the season

Silvereye feeding on Ruby Saltbush in the home garden, 25th May 2018

Yellow-footed Antechinus, Rise and Shine, 23rd June 2018

Hooded Robins, Newstead Cemetery, 28th July 2018

Eastern Spinebill, Wyndham Street Newstead, 12th August 2019

Blue-winged Parrot, South German Track, 8th September 2018

Sacred Kingfishers, Mia Mia Track area, 20th October 2018

Nankeen Kestrel, Moolort Plains, 1st November 2018

Rainbow Bee-eater, Sandon State Forest, 31st December 2018

30 responses to “Happy New Year and 2018 reprised

  1. Thank you for brightening up each morning with your gorgeous photos. I am now able to identify many birds on my property in Glenlyon because of your photos. Happy new year to you.

  2. You’ve seen some great birds and achieved beautiful images of them in 2018 and many previous years as well. Well done and a great treat to my eyes.

  3. Thank you so much Geoff for sharing your superb photos of our unique, beautiful, fragile, yet resilient native flora and fauna. A healthy, diverse environment is our greatest asset of all and your work does much to remind us of how important it is to protect and enjoy it now and for the future.

  4. Thank you for all your beautiful photos. They brighten up my day. I hope you have a very healthy and happy ( photographing of course} 2019.

    Well done and I look forward to this years collection.

  5. I look forward to the daily post from Natural Newstead. Your beautiful images and shared information are informative and a joy to view. Congratulations on your commitment over10 years. Thanks to all contributors…love the insects too.

  6. Anne van Gemert

    The silvereye brought back a memory from when we lived in Muckleford.
    The garden had not had any birds for days. When the Ruby saltbush produced seeds we had all of a sudden 19 little silvereyes eating like food was going out of fashion. Geoff thank you so much for the pleasure your photos bring in this house hold. May 2019 be a great year for photography for you and take care.

  7. Dear Geoff, Annie and I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful posts and photos. We look forward to them all through the week. We are now down at Macedon on lots of acres – new birds! But we do just want to say that a diamond dove turned up yesterday! It is still here this morning. Could it be escaped from an aviary do you think? There’s no mistaking that that is what it is. It is alone. We have never seen one before. Cheers and thanks again, Klim and Annie.

  8. Thank-you for the amazing images you so regularly deliver to my desktop. They never cease to delight. Every best for the NY

  9. Dear Geoff
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful images and your observations.

  10. Stephen Routledge

    What a great photo of the Bee-Eater, and to have caught it on the last day of 2018….We hope you keep photographing in the good years ahead…..

  11. Happy New Year to you Geoff. Best wishes for a fun filled 2019. Thanks for sharing all your amazing photos with us all. It’s such a highlight when opening up the email’s to see what you’ve photographed. Looking forward to this years shots. Cheers Del & Mal Stone

    Sent from my iPhone


  12. Thanks as always for your wonderful photos Geoff . I have learnt so much.
    Happy New Year .

  13. Hi Geoff, best wishes to you and your family. Without doubt, your column continues to rise above the rest with continual sightings and info on localities. Personally, I thank you for your continuous help throughout the year and I look forward to catching up with you soon this year. Bruce

    Sent from Samsung tablet.

  14. Do I see a calendar coming on? Thanks Geoff for your wonderful uplifting photos over the year. In our dark and lighter moments the natural Newstead photos provide a welcome delight. Many thanks to you and Patrick and others. And best wishes to you and your family. Claire

    • Dear Claire, good to hear from you and thanks for the kind comments. I will ponder the calendar idea!

  15. What a great Idea! A calendar would be so good . It’s always one of the nicest parts of my day opening your photos Geoff in the early morning
    This collection you have posted today is breathtaking,
    Happy New Year and keep on keeping on please

  16. Thank you for your wonderful photography, its a joy to see such exquisite beauty each time I check my email- a very bright spot in the day regards Erin


  17. Absolutely stunning. Your photos are a gift!

  18. ditto ditto ditto all the lovely comments! They’re
    beautful Geoff and my first thought was also that they’d make a great calendar.

  19. Aren’t we spoiled. Awe inspiring. And happy new year to you geoff. Sue Lanchester
    Nth woodend.

    Sent from my iPad

  20. Catherine Hainstock

    Always such a pleasure to see your blog posts appear in my inbox.
    The wildlife out your way is truly wonderous and you capture them just beautifully. All the best for 2019.

  21. Geoff, thank you for sharing your beautiful photos accompanied by eloquent informational notes. I always find them interesting, even though I am now living in Gold Coast, Qld, where there are heaps of birds. Wishing you all the best for 2019. Regards, Ruth

  22. Adding my thanks and appreciation for your wonderful Natural Newstead website Geoff. Best wishes for 2019. I look each day at the Fat Birder Top 1000 sites and am thinking that 2019 might be the year to be in the top 50 sites. People must be looking at Natural Newstead from all around the world.

  23. Thanks for your wondeful emails and photos. I live in South Australia but hope to get to your area sometime. Good wishes for 2019! Thanks again, Sara.

  24. Many thanks to you and your colleagues for sharing such beautiful photos and interesting information. Seeing the birds, insects, animals and plants brings much joy to friends and family from age 3 to 97 and makes my day. Best wishes for 2019, Marion

  25. Geraldine Harris

    Thank you for providing a such a special start to the days of the year – honouring nature. Best wishes for 2019. Geraldine.

  26. Dear Geoff
    I am reluctant to add to all the praise as I worry that it might take you off your game however your work brings joy to my day – every so often an image will surprise or enchant to such a degree I share it broadly with my friends. The Antechinus have been favourites as they bob up every so often and I love the kestrels.
    best wishes

  27. Wonderful, thank you.
    Happy New Year.

  28. Wonderful indeed. They give me much joy. Thank you and may there be many more in 2019.

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