A lean year?

In a good year Nankeen Kestrels can easily raise three young. This year conditions have not been favourable, with food scarce on the plains. As a result only a single youngster has emerged in 2018 – at least two nestlings were seen earlier in December. Normally three eggs will be laid but nestlings will weaken and die if there is not sufficient food to go around.

Juvenile Nankeen Kestrel, Moolort Plains, 30th December 2018




3 responses to “A lean year?

  1. The young one does look particularly healthy so that is a good sign. They are a very persistent and steadfast to that site.
    Of two local pairs, one has been able to put two to wing, and the other seems to be still feeding at the nest, unsure how many. The second pair have quite a lot of battles with a Collared Sparrowhawk with at least three young.
    I think the food scarcity has also kept Black-shouldered Kites away at present.

    Thanks for your updates and insights, look forward to 2019

    • Dear David, thanks for the note. Good to hear you’ve had some local success with kestrels. Black-shouldered Kites (and raptors in general) are scarce at present in the district. I think food is at a low ebb. All the best, Geoff

  2. thanks Geoff and Patrick for some great annotated shots throughout the year.

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