Bird baths doing their job

Returning home after a few days on the coast I was pleased to see our bird baths doing their job. I’d filled them to the brim when we left on 23 December and most had at least a pool of water remaining, after a succession of days in the ‘high thirties’.

Heatwave conditions can be tough, for small birds especially. There was a steady procession last evening to our home garden watering points – Weebill, Yellow-faced Honeyeater, Common Bronzewing and Brown-headed Honeyeater, in addition to those pictured below.

Galahs, Wyndham Street Newstead, 28th December 2018

Australian Magpie

New Holland Honeyeater

Male Spotted Pardalote

4 responses to “Bird baths doing their job

  1. Have a neighbour filling ours while we are away.

  2. Oh such lovely photos Geoff!
    Our major bird bath used to be queued up to by all the range of local native birds on the very hot days until a family of aggressive Currawongs moved in several years ago.Now we almost have the equivalent of Rachel Carson’s’ Silent Spring.’All our small birds have gone to God I think and I have observed the family violently attacking our kookaburra’s nest in our nearby tree hollow, and eating the babies. Those parent Kookaburras grieved for days returning to the hollow with the most mournful cries of anguish.
    I wonder if anyone has seen anything like this ?
    I wonder what people think of Currawongs?
    Our neighbour several kilometres up the road, also an ardent conservationist, says his family of Currawongs coexist well with the whole range of native species we are blessed with in the Strzelecki Ranges
    Nothing messes with our lyre birds though I am very glad to say!
    Heather Enders

    • Hi Heather, thanks for your note and careful observation. What you’ve observed is one of the cons of bird baths I’m sure. Overall I suspect the pros outweigh the cons – one suggestion is to place multiple bathing options and locate them in spots where there is nearby cover for small birds to retreat to. I’ve noticed a similar thing with kookaburras. As to the merits of currawongs … they are just doing what comes naturally I’m afraid …
      Cheers, geoff

  3. What a lovely array. I too put water out for the birds. I’m sure they appreciate it. Happy
    ( clicking) new year. And thanks for all these beautiful photos. Sue woodend nth

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