So that’s where the nest is!

White-winged Trillers, another of our spring migrants, have arrived in good numbers this year.

I’ve been hoping to get some decent images … as these shots demonstrate I’m still waiting! Distant views in harsh midday sun are not ideal conditions for photographing this species.

I watched this male fossicking on the ground, around tree stumps and in the canopy, not for insects, but for cobwebs with which to line its delicate nest.

After a few minutes careful observation I located the nest, high up in the fork of a Grey Box.

White-winged Triller (male), Plunkett’s Lane Green Gully, 11th November 2018

Gathering cobwebs from the canopy

The almost completed nest

2 responses to “So that’s where the nest is!

  1. Good on you for your patience! well done.

  2. What a beautiful bird and as for the photo’s beautiful you must be so patient waiting
    And watching. My eastern grey shrikes seem to be nesting with Mrs.shrike missing
    Most of the day leaving the cock bird to gather food (usually mince steak ).off my
    Feeding table . If in not fast enough he gives a very shrill whistle. Enough said
    Sue woodend nth

    Sent from my iPad

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