Waiting game

It’s been interesting watching woodswallows over recent weeks. Small flocks of migrating birds, mainly White-browed with a few Masked Woodswallows started arriving in late September and have been observed in numerous local spots since then. So far there have been limited indication that they will breed. Last evening I watched a small mixed flock along Mia Mia Road – a number of pairs were sitting close together and mutual preening, usually a sign that nest-building may occur. I’d be interested in any local observations of nesting over coming weeks.

Male Masked Woodswallow, Mia Mia Road, 8th November 2018

Female White-browed Woodswallow

Male White-browed Woodswallow

White-browed Woodswallow pair

Masked Woodswallow pair

2 responses to “Waiting game

  1. Melanie Marshall

    Hi Geoff,

    There are at least two nesting pairs of dusky woodswallows at Railway Dam.



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