Yellow on yellow

This is the second 2018 nesting attempt for one of my favourite Eastern Yellow Robin families in the Rise and Shine. One of the adults, Blue/Green (R): Orange (L) has featured previously.

The first attempt in late winter was cruelled by predators, this time is looking much rosier with three nestlings not far off fledging. The site is somewhat remarkable – about 5 metres off the ground in a large Yellow Box, with the nest bowl placed cryptically in a wedge between the trunk and a piece of peeling bark (this may well have been forged by the adults).

Eastern Yellow Robin nest with three nestlings, Rise and Shine, 14th October 2018




Removing a faecal sac


6 responses to “Yellow on yellow

  1. Reblogged this on Sharon Greenaway and commented:
    Love Geoff’s work based in Newstead. We got to meet him a couple of weeks ago as he was packing up to head home for the AFL grand final. He still had been out photographing before the big game though.

  2. have found the eastern yellows also nesting between river gum trunk and its peeling bark strips

    • Thanks for the note Karen – I’ve found them in forks of RRG saplings but not behind bark … they are very inventive birds! Cheers, geoff

  3. These are super photos of one of my favourite birds,Geoff.
    Thank you

  4. Do you know anything about the leg-band on the adult?

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