Cup-moths and cuckoos

Cup-moth caterpillars are again creating havoc in the local bush.

Cup-moth damage on a Grey Box leaf

Cuckoos are having a field day, although in some areas, such as west of Mia Mia Track, the damage is largely done. This pattern is a feature of the ecology of box-ironbark forests, however there is some speculation that infestations are becoming more severe and more frequent. I’ll be watching this patch closely for signs of recovery over coming months.

Pallid Cuckoo with Cup-moth, Mia Mia Track, 16th September 2018

Pallid Cuckoo calling …

… then departing

Shining Bronze-cuckoo sunning in the early morning sunshine

Shining Bronze-cuckoo with Cup-moth caterpillar

One response to “Cup-moths and cuckoos

  1. Those colours really are stunning!

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