Waking from the long sleep – and still needing a sleep

Although a few hardy invertebrates stayed active during the winter at our place at Strangways, it’s been a lean time for the macrophotographically obsessed. With the warm weather, some are waking from their long sleep.

Even so, ubiquitous in the animal world is the need for regular sleep and a venture into the bush means some of those emerged from the long sleep are easily photographed during their over night naps. On a branchlet of a Drooping Sheoak (Allocasuarina verticillata) a sleeping wasp is undisturbed by the bright lights and camera.

Tiphiid wasp

Wasp on Drooping Sheoak

On a Golden Wattle, what I think might be a wingless Coreid bug rests.

Coreid bug - Agriopocoris

Coreid Bug?

Coreid bug - Agriopocoris

And from the side.

Since the Golden Wattles have been flowering, there have been many tiny flies feeding on their blooms. I’ve found them very hard to get a decent photo of, but at night they are much more amenable.

Fly _18-09-10_6

A tiny fly sleeps on a Silver Wattle leaf.

Not all insects in our yard are asleep. Little Notoncus nocturnal ants are busy at night and have been throughout the winter cold. This tiny lady is on a blooming Silver Wattle.


Notoncus ant on Silver Wattle

By day I have been photographing Tall Sundews. Even though they have only just started setting their tiny traps, many have already caught some insects. On one I found this hapless fly, which looks like the ones on our Wattles, struggling for its life.

Fly on Tall Sundew_18-09-12_1 crop

Fly on Tall Sundew

Apparently, the genus name for sundews, Drosera comes from the Greek word for dewy.

Tall Sundew (Drosera sp)

Tall Sundew up close

One response to “Waking from the long sleep – and still needing a sleep

  1. The Sundew is just stunning!

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