Not to be outdone

While female and immature Flame Robins are not nearly as striking as the male, they are gorgeous birds nonetheless. This series of portraits were gathered late this afternoon near the Newstead Cemetery.

Female (or possibly an immature) Flame Robin, Newstead Cemetery, 12th July 2018



Adult male Flame Robin

4 responses to “Not to be outdone

  1. Sue Lanchester

    Absolutely beautiful. Sue woodend nth

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  2. Virginia Henry

    do you agree, tis the male who takes one’s breath away.


  3. Geoff, were you wanting feedback regarding sightings of Horsefield Bronze Cuckoos in Muckleford forest? I heard two today, July 14th at the following coordinates: -37.0777488,144.1231688. -37.0573931,144.1145026

    • Hi Sue – many thanks for the note … and good to know there are some still around. I haven’t heard or seen any in recent weeks but then again haven’t been out a lot. All the best, Geoff

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