‘Muskies’ up close

Lovely close-up views, earlier this week of Musk Lorikeets at the Welshmans Reef Caravan Park.

Higher up in the flowering Yellow Gums were a small number of Purple-crowned Lorikeets – they remained hidden amongst the foliage and impossible to photograph. They’ll be worth another try at a later date.

Musk Lorikeet, Welshmans Reef, 3rd July 2018




4 responses to “‘Muskies’ up close

  1. Virginia Henry

    Here a winter treat !


  2. Paul & Fernie Jones

    Stunning photos, thanks

  3. I love it when you mention places that are familiar to me. Not all the places you name are familiar to me – but Welshman’s Reef is. I have a friend who lives in Inglewood and I regularly travel from Ballarat to Inglewood and pass through Welshman’s Reef on the way there.

  4. beautiful photos for winter . Thanks Geoff.

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