Kites doing ‘good work’

It seems there has been a small influx of Black-shouldered Kites onto the Moolort Plains in recent weeks.

This species, along with the Brown Falcons and Nankeen Kestrel, are very fond of house mice and perform a wonderful ecosystem service in rodent control.

Black-shouldered Kite near Frogmore Swamp, 4th July 2018



One of a pair near Joyce’s Creek enjoying a meal of Mus musculus


Its partner

5 responses to “Kites doing ‘good work’

  1. At last month’s field naturalist outing a lot of the chat was about the large increase in numbers of Black-shouldered Kites in the Nathalia/Numurkah/Shepparton area. At home near Numurkah we seem to have one almost constantly working our fenced-off open grassland area .

  2. Virginia Henry

    And from the eye behind the lens …


  3. Bruce Donaldson

    I’ve noticed a sudden prevalence of Black-shouldered Kites along the Caulder near Gisborne of late, such as was often the case in past years but has not been for a few years now.

  4. Fangs love!! Xxx

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