Mysterious Moths

On Thursday 17th May Newstead Landcare has a treat in store for nature-lovers: Steve Williams will be giving a presentation on moths at Newstead Community Centre at 8pm. Steve will convince you that without these invertebrates we would not have many of the wonderful birds you see featured on this blog. Steve explains, “Because Lepidoptera are almost exclusively feeders on plant material in one form or another they are critical in food chains, indeed much more so than most researchers have believed. They are the invertebrates that everything eats including other invertebrates. To avoid being eaten they are great at hiding, particularly in their early life phases, and hence are difficult to research.”

Steve has been unpacking the biology of Lepidoptera in Box-Ironbark forest ecosystems for the last decade and during that period has documented the life histories of nearly 400 moth species; many for the first time. This along with nightly recording of adult moth activity over the same period is providing important insights into ecosystem functions. Steve will share the fascinating life stories of a few of these amazing animals and then present and discuss how understanding this biology has implications for land and biodiversity management in Box-Ironbark forests.

Stangia xerodes - PLUME MOTH - pupa on Acacia aspera - ROUGH WATTLE photgraphed by Steve Williams close up

One of the Plume Moths Stangia xerodes in its pupal form, between larva and adult. It has pupated in the open, on the Rough Wattle it had been feeding on. Photographed by Steve Williams.

Everyone is welcome to attend. A gold coin donation will help Newstead Landcare cover costs.

One response to “Mysterious Moths

  1. I enjoyed Steven’s ‘Moth’ presentation immensely. I’ve tried to find an email for him without success. Could you please pass on thaat I have 2 pics of a moth that Allie and I recorded on 8th Dec. 2012 at Camp Eureka, Yarra Junction. Carlo

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