Have fun!

Natural Newstead will be on holidays for the next fortnight.

I checked Google Maps, but unfortunately Sri Lanka is just outside the 20 km radius, so the blog will be quiet for a time!

Here are a handful of images from the past week.

Great Egret, Cairn Curran, 26th March 2018

Darters with Australian Pelican

Whistling Kite

Red Wattlebird, Rotunda Park, 27th March 2018

Grey Fantail @ Rotunda Park



9 responses to “Have fun!

  1. Yes, just a little bit past the 20 km; have fun in Sri Lanka!

  2. Enjoy your holiday Geoff,
    Sri Lanka is supposed to be a birder’s paradise, so I hope that it goes ‘off’ for you mate. . .

  3. Harold and Chris

    Hello Geoff,

    Have a great holiday and a Happy Easter.

    Best wishes from Christine and Harold in Adelaide.


  4. Enjoy your well-earned break! Marion

    Sent from my iPad

    Marion Dick


  5. Jannine Bennett

    Have a great trip, one of my favourite destinations. Hope you get to experience one of their bird sanctuaries. Jannine

    Sent from my iPhone

  6. Thanks Geoff, we’ll miss you but wish you well!

  7. Have a great, well earned break Geoff and we’ll look forward to more amazing photos on your return.

  8. Have a great time Geoff!

    Sent from my iPhone

  9. Gone just when I need some info….
    What are the details of the Floating Spiders we find around at this time of the year?

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