Something always turn up!

The day before it was a Double-banded Plover amongst the Red-capped Plovers at Cairn Curran. This time it was a lone Red-necked Stint, enjoying the company of others as it foraged on a small area of exposed mud near Captains Creek.

This tiny wader has featured numerous times before on the blog … here in flight March 2015 and another note around that time where a few birds were seen in breeding plumage before migration.

Red-necked Stint (with Red-capped Plovers), Cairn Curran, 12th March 2018

Red-necked Stint


Immature Red-capped Plover

Male Red-capped Plover


Black Swans

Todays post is dedicated to the memory of Joan Butler, who passed away last week aged 84 years. Joan had a wonderful love and knowledge of Australian birds, especially those from places around Newstead including the Sandon bush and Muckleford forest. Her interest stemmed from when she was a child attending school in Sutton Grange … I especially remember her story of the Grey Shrike-thrush that came each spring to nest on the window sill, opposite the teacher’s desk. Joan lived for many years at Captain’s Gully overlooking Cairn Curran Reservoir.

Vale Joan!

One response to “Something always turn up!

  1. Annmaree Smerdon

    A lovely way to salute Joan Butler, Geoff. A lovely lady. She ‘pointed’ me in your direction.
    Thanks again for all your wonderful photos of my home patch.

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