Insect control and the GST

We often see a Grey Shrike-thrush poking around the garden, but more often hear it announce its presence with beautiful harmonic notes. The ‘GST’ is an insectivore and will happily forage on the ground, through the foliage and in this case under the bark of a Yellow Gum. This one snaffled the cocoon of a cup moth, but I’m not sure there was any nourishment inside … it looks like the moth had already flown!

Grey Shrike-thrush on Yellow Gum, Wyndham Street Newstead 20th February 2018

With a cup-moth cocoon


4 responses to “Insect control and the GST

  1. Well done capturing this shy bird. We have them visit our garden evey now and then but as soon as I pull out the camera it flies away!

  2. Reblogged this on Sharon Greenaway and commented:
    This is a shy bird with the nost magical melodic call

  3. The colours below are v v beautiful…


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