Shelter from the ‘storm’

Thursday evenings excursion to the Rise and Shine was cruelly interrupted by rain … of sorts!

Just as I arrived at the start of the Nature Trail the drops started to fall … at the rate of about one every ten seconds, but just enough to force me to take shelter. There was plenty of action to keep me amused. Along with these White-browed Babblers bobbing around there were Yellow-footed Antechinus foraging and a bevy of calling birds – Dusky Woodswallow, Rufous Whistler and both local species of pardalote.

The shelter at the Rise and Shine Nature Walk, 22nd February 2018

White-browed Babbler



Click here to learn more about the Rise and Shine Nature Walk, one of our local treasures.

One response to “Shelter from the ‘storm’

  1. I really miss the babblers, I had them in the garden in Alice but the locals are yet to come to Yandoit.

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