On the return journey?

White-browed Woodswallows have been conspicuous by their absence all summer, that is until I came across a small flock yesterday morning in the Rise and Shine.

I observed a few birds passing through the Mia Mia in late October but apparently conditions didn’t inspire them to linger and breed. I suspect the flock encountered yesterday are heading north on their return journey. They are fussy and mercurial in their breeding habits but a beautiful bird nonetheless.

White-browed Woodswallow, Rise and Shine, 18th February 2018




This individual has worn and dull plumage

A number were feeding on tree trunks

One response to “On the return journey?

  1. Not yet.
    I’ve been seeing and hearing White-browed’s at Strangways for about four weeks. I was delighted and surprised to have a small flock over our place on 23 January, delighted because I’d not seen any this season. Since then I’ve seen/heard them weekly, including last Sunday, and in the the north west corner of the Rise & Shine about three weeks ago.
    Meanwhile, Rainbow Bee-eaters are gathering up here. Sunday morning was the first time I’d seen them at our place. This afternoon, at least 6 birds across the road from our house. At 5pm they were calling back and forth from our block to the other side of the road.

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