It seems one of my favourite local pairs of Wedge-tailed Eagles has raised one youngster this season.

The offspring was seen perched with its parents in a distant dead tree to the north of Cemetery Road during the week. The pale head, shawl and upper parts of juvenile and immature birds sets them apart from the adults which become much darker with age. Click here for a more expansive image of the juvenile coming in to land.

Wedge-tailed Eagles, Cemetery Road Newstead, 15th February 2018

Juvenile Wedge-tailed Eagle



3 responses to “Offspring

  1. Thank you for these marvellous photographs of Bunjil the Eagle. The Eagle is very dear to me and has had great impact on my spiritual life.

  2. Any viewer who didn’t ‘click here’ has missed something.

  3. Beautiful photography once again. I think this is the family of eagles that visited my
    Place in woodend nth a couple of days ago. Lovely birds. The male bird called in and
    had some Chicken. Not live they don’t even look at my chooks. Sue woodend

    Sent from my iPad

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