A nest in a nest!

It’s been an amazingly good year for Sacred Kingfishers and I’ve officially lost count of the number of nests found this season.

This site, in a termite mound, was discovered a few days ago at the Rise and Shine. It contains at least one, possibly more naked nestlings, that must have hatched around New Year. Termite mounds are a favoured location for kingfisher nests, especially in areas to our north where they are a feature of the landscape, and both active and abandoned nests will be used.

Sacred Kingfisher arriving at nest with wasp prey, Rise and Shine, 3rd January 2018

This time it’s a Robber-fly


One of the newly hatched nestlings inside the nest

The nest site – a termite nest in a stump

2 responses to “A nest in a nest!

  1. Hi Geoff,
    Looks like Rise and Shine has a lot to offer? I was there one day with a photography group and although the number of individual species sighted was good, quality time wasn’t. I will have to venture back soon by the looks of things?

  2. Good pictures Geoff, rather rare to see a kingfisher with those swift and skittish robber-flies!

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