White-breasted Woodswallows #2

I’m puzzled about this interaction between two White-breasted Woodswallows.

The bird on the right was clearly begging and then fed by the bird on the left, both of which appear to be adults. I can only assume this was an instance of courtship feeding and that the birds are either about to nest or already commenced. They were accompanied by a third individual, also in adult plumage. I must read up on this species to understand more about their breeding habits, especially in relation to courtship behaviour and cooperative breeding.

White-breasted Woodswallows, Picnic Point, 1st January 2018





White-breasted Woodswallow aloft

4 responses to “White-breasted Woodswallows #2

  1. Dear Geof, thank you for bringing interest and joy by sharing your wonderful photos..Ihave been watching now for two years and so enjoy looking at the marvellous subjects. May they continue . Regards,Guna Deva

  2. Hi Geoff, lovely pics of a very pretty little bird.
    What do you use as a reference material for things like breeding habits, courtship behaviour and co-operative breeding? These are topics that don’t seem to be covered in the normal bird ID guides??

    • Hi Bruce – the definitive all-in-one reference is HANZAB (Handbook of Australian and New Zealand Birds) … it comes in seven volumes and sadly I don’t own a copy of the set. I have access to the full set and will check when I get a chance. All the best, Geoff

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